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This week’s episode of The Rundown was recorded live in the House of Lords, focusing on standards in Parliament, the Civil Service & public life with Alain Tolhurst talking to Gisela Stuart, Daniel Greenberg & Doug Chalmers CB (March 2024) – Listen here >

The Chancellor’s Lecture, Hertfordshire University, 2 November 2023 – Is Parliament Fit For Purpose?

I was invited to address this year’s Commonwealth Parliamentary Association – British Islands and Mediterranean Region Conference – on the matter of Parliamentary standards and behaviour – you can read the full lecture here.

I gave an interview to the Religion Media Centre about the interaction between my religious life and my professional life, with a focus on my new role as Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards – you can see the interview at

UK Jewish Film Festival 2021 – Our Natural Right: It is an enormous pleasure to be part of this year’s UK Jewish Film Festival’s 25th Anniversary programme – the online screening of the film Our Natural Right includes a recorded panel discussion, chaired by me, with director Yulie Cohen and producers Sagi Bornstein and Udi Nir – for details see

A wide ranging discussion on democracy, the rule of law, Brexit, Covid-19, fox hunting, peace on the island of Ireland and more.
30 Years in the Corridors of Power: A perspective on the pressures on Parliament

RS Surtees Society’s annual dinner, the title of my guest speaker speech was First They Came For the Hunts – Lessons from an Insider’s View of the Hunting Act for the Role of Tolerance in the Rule of Law – Read My Speech Here.

Seminar for Government Legal Department and other public service lawyers on matters of recent interest to the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments – Watch Here

ILCR Lecture – Daniel Greenberg – Watch Here

ILCR Interview – The Law’s Two Bodies – Daniel Greenberg – Watch Here

Derby University Wilmot Lecture 2012

Westlaw UK Editorial Philosophy – click on Play to start