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I have always enjoyed teaching and since I left the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel in 2010 I have taken advantage of my additional freedom as a non-civil servant to become involved in a number of training and teaching projects.

Over the last few years I have developed a particularly enjoyable relationship with civil servants and politicians in Wales. Since 2011 I have delivered a series of training sessions in statutory interpretation, legislative scrutiny and legislative preparation to Committees of the National Assembly for Wales, Clerks of the Assembly, Welsh Government Lawyers and Welsh Legislative Drafters.

In 2012 I delivered a 5-day course on statutory interpretation to drafting officers and others from the Attorney General’s Chambers, as part of the 2012 programme of ILKAP – the Malaysian Judicial and Legal Training Institute.

In 2013 I started working with Committees and staff of the Northern Ireland Assembly providing training in legislative scrutiny, along the lines that I have been doing for the National Assembly for Wales. At my most recent visit I had the pleasure of holding a seminar for law students at the University of Ulster and addressing the Attorney General’s Symposium on law-making.

In October 2013 I traveled to Myanmar where I conducted a series of seminars on legislative drafting and statutory interpretation organised by the United Nations Development Programme. I also provided support in reviewing some of the laws. At the opening of the seminar the Attorney General, Dr. Tun Shin thanked UNDP for organizing this seminar, and noted it “is the first one of its kind” and “is very beneficial for law officers as well as for the Office and Ministries in the country”. I had the pleasure of running follow-up seminars for the UNDP in Myanmar in November 2014, for members of the Union Attorney General’s Office, staff from a range of Ministries and districts, and parliamentary staff.


Since 2010 I have been involved in various ways in the legislative development of Wales, working for the National Assembly for Wales and for the Welsh Government.


National Assembly

Since 2011 I have been involved in training provided for Members of the National Assembly for Wales in legislative scrutiny. I have also carried out other work within the assembly, including acting as special adviser to the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee in its inquiry into the quality of Welsh Legislation, reporting in 2015.

Welsh Government

Since 2012 I have participated in the Welsh Government’s training programme for officials involved in the preparation of legislation, delivering regular lectures on the legislative process.

Other Welsh Public Bodies

I have drafted legislation on Commission for a range of public bodies in Wales, and have advised the Law Commission on its project on the Form and Accessibility of the Law Applicable in Wales (including meetings with Law Commission officials

Northern Ireland

I have been working with the Northern Ireland Assembly since 2011 in helping to develop their legislative capacity in a variety of ways.

Preparing to give a session on legislative scrutiny NI

Preparing to give a session on legisaltive scrutiny to the Northern Ireland Assembly
September 2015
Politics PluspOLITICS pLUS

The Politics Plus organisation operating within the Northern Ireland Assembly has commissioned me to provide training sessions for Members of the Legislative Assembly on legislative scrutiny. We produced a booklet for Members on aspects of legislation, and I have conducted sessions with individual Committees in preparation for their consideration of particular Bills.

Other roles

In addition to my work with Politics Plus, I have worked on implementation of the Stormont House Agreement with the Committee on the Administration of Justice, and have undertaken other Northern Ireland-related activities (including participating in seminars organised by the Attorney General).