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Statutes For Students: The Essentials of Statutory Interpretation

Daniel Greenberg has written a book ‘Statutes for Students: The Essentials of Statutory Interpretation. How to Read and Apply Legislation in 40 Easy Pages’.

The following topics are covered in the book:

  • Introduction
  • Key Resources
  • The Mechanics of Legislation
  • Territorial Application
  • Three Main Principles of Interpretation
  • The Intention of the Legislature
  • Presumptions of Construction
  • Plain Language in Legislation
  • Canons and Principles of Construction
  • Expressions Which Change Meaning Over Time
  • Fundamental and Human Rights
  • Amending and Repealing Legislation
  • Mistakes in the Law
  • Subordinate Legislation
  • Quasi-legislation
  • Challenging Legislation
  • Explanatory Notes
  • Pepper v Hart
  • Interpretation Act 1978
  • Key Terms – Glossary and Index
  • Further Reading
Daniel Greenberg Statutes for Students book