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Statutes For Students: The Essentials of Statutory Interpretation

Daniel Greenberg has written a book ‘Statutes for Students: The Essentials of Statutory Interpretation. How to Read and Apply Legislation in 40 Easy Pages’. To order the book, please visit our shop.


The following topics are covered in the book:

  • Introduction
  • Key Resources
  • The Mechanics of Legislation
  • Territorial Application
  • Three Main Principles of Interpretation
  • The Intention of the Legislature
  • Presumptions of Construction
  • Plain Language in Legislation
  • Canons and Principles of Construction
  • Expressions Which Change Meaning Over Time
  • Fundamental and Human Rights
  • Amending and Repealing Legislation
  • Mistakes in the Law
  • Subordinate Legislation
  • Quasi-legislation
  • Challenging Legislation
  • Explanatory Notes
  • Pepper v Hart
  • Interpretation Act 1978
  • Key Terms – Glossary and Index
  • Further Reading