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On 13 December 2017 the Expert Panel on  Assembly Electoral Reform published its report on the way forward for the National Assembly for Wales - A Parliament that Works for Wales.  I gave written evidence to the panel and am delighted that they agree, in particular, with my comments on the importance of building effective post-legislative scrutiny into the future model: the National Assembly is already a world-leader in the methodology of legislative scrutiny and more rigorous post-legislative scrutiny would be a further valuable enhancement.

The Law Commission's Report Form and Accessibility of the Law Applicable in Wales (Law Com No 366 29 June 2016 HC 469–I) quotes my response to their consultation paper in a number of places (but despite my pleas continues to recommend the introduction of a new kind of codification Bill that I fear is likely to contribute to the already intolerable complexity of the statute book).

On 16 November the National Assembly for Wales' Presiding Officer, Rosemary Butler AM, presented to the Assembly's Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee inquiry on the Draft Wales Bill her suggestions for improvements to the draft Wales Bill; the Assembly's website says "The alternative drafts have been worked up by a former parliamentary drafter, and internationally-recognised expert on legislative drafting, Daniel Greenberg, in conjunction with the Assembly's own lawyers".